Pashí is slow and organic fashion & home essentials brand.

The idea about create an ethical fashion brand came when Pashí founders Arta and Peteris were traveling for half a year in Asia.

Arta has worked as a Purchasing Manager for the Latvian clothing brand, while Peteris has graduated university as start up specialist.

Arta: “Seeing the clutter and the huge environmental pollution during the trip, we wanted to do something about it.“ The fast fashion industry plays an important role in the pollution of the world. Pashí is a clothing brand that uses only organic fabrics. Putting the experience together and researching the market, we came to the conclusion of a basic women's clothing brand. Our goal is to create clothes for women to go to work in the office, but also to have fun with their friends after working hours. We want to show that organic fabrics are not meant to be "baggy" clothes, but feminine and everyday, and that organic fabrics can completely replace synthetic fabrics. Even today, ethical fashion, meaning decent pay for seamstresses, and respect for ecological principles at all stages are widely talked about. Sustainable and zero waste principles are at the heart of ethical fashion. We cut our cuts into woven rugs, but the people who sewn Pashí clothes have been fairly paid